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Co-Founder / Head of Product
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A Vehicle Search Plugin that Adapts to Your Customers

July 23, 2022

If you're selling automotive parts online, it's essential to have a vehicle search plugin powering the customer experience.

We've seen significant increases in conversions on ecommerce stores using a vehicle search plugin versus websites without one; it's all about discoverability and reducing the effort required of your customers to find their vehicle and the parts to fit.

OK, so you've added a vehicle search plugin to your online store - great work! How is it performing? Do you have insight on how well it's helping your customers?

Here are a few common issues we've seen with vehicle search plugins:

  • Slow to load - vehicle databases can be huge, and you may have noticed a significant delay between selecting Make, Model, Year and other fields on your website.
  • Irrelevant vehicles - most vehicle search plugins will show every vehicle make and model ever made… not those relevant to the products on your website.
  • "Popular vehicles" - some vehicle search plugins show popular makes and models at the top of the selection list… great if you're, but not if your product range fits completely different vehicles.

How does Partbot's MMYVS plugin solve these issues?

Speed - Our make, model, year vehicle search is hands down the fastest search plugin available to auto parts ecommerce merchants. We've built our vehicle search on top of powerful search indexing software, eliminating slow database queries.

Vehicle specific - you can configure your website to show a specific subset of vehicle makes and models relevant to the automotive parts you sell, reducing the number of nil results shown to customers.

Dynamic popular vehicles - the Partbot MMYVS adapts to the usage of your store, meaning it will show popular makes and models at the top of search fields based on what your previous customers have selected. This reduces the time it takes for new customers to find and select their vehicle.

If you're looking for a powerful, adaptive vehicle search plugin to improve the customer experience and boost conversions on your auto parts store, sign up to Partbot today and take our MMYVS plugin for a spin!

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