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The Top 5 Reasons to Add Dropshipping to Your Auto Parts Website

July 22, 2022

Ecommerce in Australia has seen an increase of 39% since 2019, growing 11.9% yearly^. As more shoppers head online, their demand for availability and fast delivery has put a lot of stress on aftermarket businesses trying to sell online. Combined with the challenges of holding the right stock on hand, price increases and supply chain issues, the ability to meet these customer demands is difficult, to say the least.

You can alleviate some of these difficulties by leveraging distributor inventory and warehouses via a powerful automotive dropshipping platform.


verb. :to ship (goods) from a manufacturer or wholesaler directly to a customer instead of to the retailer who took the order. intransitive verb. : to ship goods from a supplier directly to a customer.

Here are the top five reasons to add a dropshipping solution to your website.

1. Stock Availability

As automotive parts can cover a huge range of vehicles, it's not always practical to hold inventory for every possible customer. Understanding which lines of product to have on hand can be quite challenging. By using an automotive parts dropshipping platform, you can rely on your distributors stock holding instead, which means a higher rate of availability and fulfilment.

2. Faster & Cheaper Deliveries

You might be shipping direct-to-customer from your premises, but as you know, Australia is a BIG land mass and reaching customers across the country can be timely and costly. By leveraging a dropship platform with strategically located warehouses around Australia, you can ship orders faster and at more affordable rates than doing it yourself from a central location.

3. Bigger Product Range

The space limitations of your facility may mean you need to be selective about which automotive products and brands to stock, which limits your ability to sell all the brands and parts you'd like to. Using a dropship platform like Partbot allows you to sell everything and anything on your online store.

4. Save Time Picking & Packing

How much of your time, money and resources go towards processing orders - picking, packing, booking freight and handling returns?

Using a dropshipping platform like Partbot to handle your logistics, you can spend more time focusing on your online marketing and social media advertising to generate traffic and sales. Plus, you don't need to worry about scaling up your order volume; Partbot handles thousands of orders without breaking a sweat.

5. First-to-market

One of the benefits of having your online store connected to Partbot is the direct relationship with Brands and Distributor data. You can configure Partbot to sync new products to your website automatically. Meaning, that by the time you've read the new product release email, you may have already received an order!

These are just some of the powerful benefits of adding automotive parts dropshipping to your ecommerce strategy. Make sure to follow us and reach out to learn more about how Partbot can help you save your business time and money.

^ Source: Australia Post Ecommerce Update

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