About us

Partbot began as a humble data integration solution for SWD - Specialised Warehouse Distribution, a national warehousing and distribution company servicing the Australian automotive aftermarket.

We needed a way to keep thousands of parts in sync with supplier catalogue data, inventory levels, pricing changes across multiple trade and retail websites as well as automating the fulfilment process.

We realised Partbot was a product solution that could benefit many other Australian businesses—combining our product data sync, vehicle search plugins and decades of distribution and fulfilment experience.

COVID-19 accelerated the demand for Partbot and the need for an Automotive Aftermarket Dropship fulfilment service, as many businesses were pivoting to or adding ecommerce sales channels and needed the tools and support to make a successful transition - Partbot now supports over 3000 Australian businesses who depend on fast, local, affordable parts fulfilment.

We are now dedicated to building the best ecommerce tools and fulfilment solutions for the Australian automotive aftermarket.