Automotive PartsDistribution on Autopilot

Bring automation and real-time data to your ecommerce merchants and let Partbot simplify your dropship fulfilment process.

Distributor Features

Real-time Inventory & Pricing

Keep your ecommerce merchants in sync with your pricing and inventory changes. Reduce the amount of confusion and order errors.

Prepaid Dropship Fulfilment

P4CKD by Partbot handles carrier bookings and payments for you. We send your warehouse the required shipping labels and all you have to do is stick it on the box!

ERP & API Integrations

Partbot integrates with most ERP platforms. We also have an API that can be used for connecting your inventory management software.

Dropship Standards

We're standardising aftermarket parts dropshipping by providing distributors with an easy-to-use platform to manage their dropship orders and online merchants.

Easy Returns

P4CKD by Partbot provides a simplified returns process for both merchants and distributors. Evidence-based reporting, dispute handling and one-click generated labels and tracking.

Increase Sales

Connect your inventory with established online merchants and use leverage-marketing to increase product visibility and sales.

Faster Onboarding

Reduce the time it takes to find and set up a new trade customer to get them selling. Merchants want to buy and sell, not fill out paperwork!

Get Paid Faster

Improve cashflow with more direct-payment merchants. Partbot facilitates the collection of payments and makes regular deposits to your bank account.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose to distribute in a specific area?
Yes. Our distribution algorithm can be configured to send you fulfilment orders from customers nationally or in a specific state, territory, region or postcode area.
How does shipping work with Partbot?
We handle the shipping costs and carrier bookings on behalf of you and the merchant. We send your warehouse the consignment labels and provide an easy-to-use fulfilment management platform.
Do I need to open an account for each merchant?
No. You can have a direct trading relationship with Partbot and we collect payments from merchants and payout directly to your bank account. Your existing customers can also connect their accounts for direct pricing and payment terms.
How do we connect to Partbot?
Partbot integrates directly with ERP platforms to sync pricing, inventory and orders. We also have an API for custom integrations or unsupported inventory management software.